Monday, 3 October 2011

Fimo à la Française

At the moment I am really into modelling with Fimo. I bought a new book last week: Créations en Fimo and there are some really great projects in there. Even if you don't understand French, the pictures are enough to give you a good idea. The author doesn't go into a lot of detail about technique anyway, so it's trial and error at first!

So far I've tried making the Russian dolls, but instead of making the bag charm as outlined in the book, I made them into small flat buttons. I'm going to sew them onto a plain blue cardigan I have that could do with brightening up.

I also had a go at some of the large buttons from that book. The black ones turned out well, but the transparent Fimo didn't really work as the pattern sort of blends in with the background. I'm thinking of sewing the black ones onto the front of some white trousers I bought recently.

My most recent creation is covered handles for dessert forks. Starting with 4 different colours (I chose Fimo Effect granite and marble with Fimo Soft 61 and 62) I rolled the Fimo out to make equally sized sheets. I then laid them on top of each other in a sandwich.

Using a sharp knife you cut 3mm wide strips across the sandwich and lay the strips next to each other to make a repeating stripey pattern. You can then wrap this around the handle of your cutlery and bake.

Here are my finished dessert forks with stripey handles:

I'd better make a cheese cake or something so I can try them out ;)


  1. The fork handles look great! & I really like the black buttons :)

  2. Thanks, Charis! I'm pleased with how they turned out. I'm going to make some more Fimo things soon. I'm thinking of making some chunky beads for a necklace.

  3. Love the fork handles, what an excellent idea!x

  4. Thanks, Georgia :) I have two egg spoons waiting to be decorated, just trying to think of an interesting design for the handles.

  5. Love the fork handles.... you may get me interested in Fimo!

  6. I only recently rediscovered Fimo. Used to model with it a lot when I was about 10 :) There are lots of practical things you can make with it. I'm planning on doing some napkin rings, an idea from the same book. Here is my necklace, an idea from my own head :)


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