Saturday, 10 March 2012

Craft room showcase

I have finally managed to start sorting out my crafting space now that I have almost all my craft things in one country. It wasn't easy - it involved a car journey, a lorry delivery and a flight! When we moved to the Czech Republic from France via the UK at the beginning of 2012 I knew that I definitely wanted a 2-bedroom flat again so that I could have somewhere to keep all my craft paraphernalia and also somewhere suitable to sit so I didn't keep losing beads and bits of Fimo down the side of the sofa all the time. I was really pleased that we were able to find a nice place that had a good sized second bedroom:

Blank canvas.
View from the window - a balloon floats by :)

Before investing in items of furniture, I decided to have a look around on the internet for inspiration. I came across a couple of fellow bloggers who had already posted about their craft rooms. Judi has an amazing craft studio in her garden with an array of storage and the best stock of craft supplies I have ever seen!

I want this! Photo courtesy of Judi Hodgkin
We don't all have the space for garden craft studios, but any space can be turned into a crafting zone. This time last year, Laura at Nimble Fingers and Steady Eyebrows blogged about her craft attic space:

Photo courtesy of Laura via: A corner of one's own   
I love the retro sewing machine and cute little personal touches used.

So, what about my craft space? What should I do with it? I have made a start as I really wanted at least a desk to sit at for the time being, but I want to do a lot more with it.

A tranquil corner
Trouble is, I have quite a lot of bits and bobs to accommodate as I am a somewhat eclectic crafter (cross stitch, sewing, Fimo modelling, jewellery making, paper crafting, candle making, mosaic, to name but a few!) so I need some nifty storage ideas and also some style inspiration.

This is where you, dear reader, come in! I have set up a linky thing at the bottom of this post (my first attempt, so hope it works!) and would love you to share links to your blog posts or online photos of your crafting space big or small, modern or shabby chic, professional or amateur. I'm also quite nosey, so it's a good excuse to peek into the inner sanctum of fellow crafters, ha ha! You will hopefully also pick up some ideas you can borrow ;)

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  1. I bought an excellent desk from local charity shop. A drop down front writing desk thingy. It means I can shut it away from the cats and leave the dining room tidy (ish) Would give my left leg for a whole room! I'm very jealous!

    1. I really wanted some second hand furniture that I could paint, but it seems hard to find here (no charity shops and no Czech Ebay). I don't want to resort to Ikea so trying to adapt what I have or perhaps will make something myself from recycled crates(!).

  2. isn't it great having a space for crafting feels a little decadent, i have a room which will one day be a dinning room but for now is my craft room, however i do have a wardrobe for all my craft bits. I have never done a linky before and am intrigued so i will take some pics and see if i can work it out :)

    1. Hi Helen! I think a craft room is far more useful than a dining room :D Yes, do take some pics and share them on the link form above. I don't know if it works, or how your link will appear as I have never hosted one of these before!

  3. I have a craft room in my house here in Wales which I love. We moved into our little house in June 2011 and it works for me perfectly for knitting and sewing:

    This is a link to a picture of my room on my blog



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