Wednesday 4 January 2012

Bag a crafty charity bargain!

I went out to the post office in my local village yesterday afternoon and found these gorgeous RSPB pin badges on the counter. I couldn't resist them and at (a suggested donation of) £1 each, thought they were quite a bargain. They look great on a jacket, or you could incorporate them into some sort of crafty make - embellishing a bag or a handmade card, for example.

Goldcrest, great tit and chaffinch pins

When I got home I started thinking about all the other charities that must have online shops and was amazed at the great range of gifts I came across. A lot of online charity shops now have craft sections, which is ideal for a crafty type like myself :) After Christmas, most online charity shops have slashed their prices too, so it's a great opportunity to pick up a bargain and know that your money is going towards something worthwhile.

Here are my top charity crafty picks to start 2012 with a warm and fuzzy feeling:
Notebook: via Marie Curie

These notebooks not only look great, they are also made from recycled paper and cost an amzing £1.49.  A must-have for creative doodling, lists and planning.

Gift wrap pack: via Marie Curie
Gorgeous paper, tissue, tags and cards currently at a reduced price for presenting your handmade gifts.

Sewing Box: via Marie Curie
Store your sewing essentials for a bargainous £5! Sew cute ;)

Button Box: via Cancer Research

Do you use buttons in your crafting? Grab a bargain while you can!

The Cancer Research online shop was the best place I found for crafting supplies and the following are all currently reduced in the January 2012 sale:
Red retrospot tape: via Cancer Research

Empire Ribbons: via Cancer Research

Happy Birthday stamp set: via Cancer Research

If stitching is your thing, then cruise over to the British Red Cross shop to pick up this reduced kit:
LOVE letters tapestry kit: via British Red Cross

And finally, in case you need to be doing textiles crafting on the go, this adorable Magic Stitch Cordless Sewing Machine is currently £5 off in the RNLI sale.

Happy January sale shopping! If you come across any other charity crafting bargain buys, please share them in the comments below.


  1. Great finds! Loving the bird pins.. It would never have occurred to me that the charity shops would be having online January sales so thanks for the tip!

  2. wow i love this post your such a thrift hunter i love the bird pins i wonder if my post office will have them in stock

  3. I'm a big bird lover (as in the hoppy garden kind, not the scary yellow guy from Sesame street) so I'll definitely pick those up if I see them, goldcrests are so cute. You've found some good things here, the notebooks and wrap and ribbons are especially nice. I generally don't like the new goods in charity shops much, especially the cancer research shops (usually). I know it's for a good cause, but I'm not a fan of the gakky pink colour they normally use on their fundraising.

  4. Yes, Lakota, I was surprised at the range of things available from these charities. They seemed to have upped their game a lot and are catering to younger buyers. I would never normally have looked at these shops, but glad I did! I want all these things, but just don't have room for them right now. My bird pins will have to do!

    Helen, if you can't find any pins locally, you could always consider looking after your own box of pins and putting it in a local place. That way you can buy as many as you want! Ha ha! RSPB pins

  5. Excellent stuff! Let me know what you bought :D

  6. Haha bougielyns I might have to do that as my post office doesn't have them oh the sadness

  7. Great ideas lovely, somewhere I've never even thought to look but I shall be getting onto that in future, I just love that gingham sewing box! Those notebooks would make a great alternative to easter eggs too me thinks! :D

  8. Yes, good idea! Marie Curie daffodil is very Eastery/spring like.


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