I am an early 30s "Eurocitizen" with a passion for Art Nouveau. I enjoy making all sorts of things from all kinds of things. When not crafting I spend my time exploring foreign supermarkets, cooking and eating food from around the world, drinking unusual homemade cocktails, crossing borders, experiencing new cultures, collecting languages and being original. I like to reuse and recycle, listen to country music, watch sci-fi, read fantasy and historical novels and drink tea.

Earl Grey with milk and goodies on the side :)

I am lucky enough to have a second bedroom, which I have turned into my crafting haven. This is where the magic happens ;)

I live in the Czech Republic with my partner. If you want to read more about my cultural, gastronomic and linguistic experiences, then please take a look at my other blog Černý čaj s citronem.

Czech black tea with lemon