Tuesday 14 February 2012

Sweetie Geeky Valentine's Day

It's been a while since I last did a craft blog post, this is because I was in the middle of moving to the Czech Republic. I also couldn't do any crafting as most of my craft supplies were in storage in Strasbourg and a large box are still sitting in the UK. However, I felt like making my own Valentine's card for my beloved yesterday, so wandered into town to see what the Brno stationery/craft store had to offer.

Coloured card, scissors and sweeties.
In less than half an hour I turned my bits and bobs into this unique, partly-edible card:

Nom, nom, nom.

Message inside.
I didn't make a present, but I did the next best thing for my cuddly toy and Linux-loving boyfriend - a giant Tux! He was thrilled with him!

Daddy Tux with baby Tux - IT geek cuteness.
He weighs a ton and I had fun riding home on the tram with him :)

Happy Valentine's Day!