Sunday, 25 March 2012

Fimo, coral and wooden bead necklace with charms

After a creative slump during the last week or so, I finally got myself into gear and made the long necklace I have been planning.

I found a really good bead shop in Brno and bought some charms which I customised with tassles for an ethnic vibe and also got a few coral and semi-precious stone beads.

I also recycled some beads from old earrings and used up some wooden beads that I have had hanging around for at least 15 years in my bead box! The long tube beads I made myself out of Fimo. I followed the  faux bone technique in my polymer clay bead book that I got for Christmas. It took ages to make them and the polishing was hard work, but I like the final effect.

The necklace is just what I wanted to go with my jumper and a new brown top I got and better still it didn't cost me hardly anything :)


  1. ooh I like this a lot Lynsey! I particularly like the bitts of ribbon, have loads of bits of ribbon that don't want to throw away but never quite known what to do with as not long enough to tie stuff with. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Hi, Rhi! Glad you like it :) The ribbon is attached using metal clamp findings I got in La Droguerie bead shop in France, but I would have thought you can buy them elsewhere. Alternatively, you could just knot pieces of ribbon onto a necklace. I collect ribbon whenever I can and like to use it up in different projects.


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