Friday, 30 March 2012

Made of WIN!!!1

I really can't remember the last time I won anything, so imagine my amazement when my name was drawn out of the ceramic bowl in the Posh Yarns give away! It was really nice of Rebecca to include international entries and as you can see my beautiful prize made it's way safely to me here in the Czech Republic.

Beautifully wrapped - will reuse the ribbon and button :)

My key fob prize - guaranteed to bring a smile to your face

So dainty and beautifully stitched, too.
Rebecca sells these lovely key fobs along with other gorgeous things in her online shop. I will definitely be browsing next time I need a gift. After all, I can't make everything myself! This key fob has made me want to try machine embroidery, though. Just need to get the special foot and needle and have a go!


  1. What a sweet key fob, I bet its just the right size to fit in your hand. Nice idea and a lovely prize. :O)

  2. this is really sweet i think i will have to copy that idea for my backdoor key which i always loose

  3. Very sweet. I like it! And the bracelet for your mum too. Does your sewing machine can write "smile"? Seems hard to do.

    1. You can do anything on a sewing machine if you buy the right foot. I saw some videos on freehand machine embroidery. I think writing should be ok with some practice :)


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