Sunday 26 May 2013

Up, up and away!

Next weekend I'm off to a hot air balloon festival. What should every girl wear to a hot air balloon festival? Why, balloon-themed earrings of course! I had this idea for some crazy earrings floating around in my head for the past week. As the weather was cold and wet this weekend, I stayed home and got making.

Fimo balloons, baskets and clouds, ready to bake

Now for the tedious bit - wet sanding!

Parts all smooth and ready to be varnished

Finished! I used silver findings and added some beads to assemble my earrings

With my little bird earring, it looks just right :)
I'm really chuffed with how these turned out. Even though they are quite big, they are very light. I feel in the mood for the hot air balloon festival already! I will tell you more about that next week on my other blog

♫ Wouldn't you like to ride in my beautiful, my beautiful ballooooon?! 


  1. they are so clever and very lovely lucky you last time we went in a hot air balloon our flight guy would only take us as high as a tree and it really sucked

  2. These are fantastic! I love the cloud earring too- it's so sweet :) xx


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